Global Cosmed: millions of EUR to increase productivity


Two modern, complete and fully automated production lines were purchased for Global Cosmed plants in Poland and Germany. The manufacturer of cosmetic products and household chemicals (Kret drain cleaner, Bobini, Apart, Biophen and Sofin bath foams, washing liquids and soaps) emphasises the highest quality and operational reliability of the machines, whose assessed market value exceeds 4 million EUR. Renowned manufacturers and new technical functionalities are expected to lead to a significant productivity increase.

The recently purchased production lines by such producers as Breitner, Bluhm, Bünder & Schmitt, ETT and Berning are expected to produce assortment for leading retail networks in Poland and Germany as soon as in the first quarter of 2022. The new machine park will allow for producing long series of assortment, which will drive effectiveness and lower operational and environmental costs.

In practice, the machines will allow, among others, for manufacturing various products wrapped in shrink film or labelled and “product mixes” packed together (e.g. different fragrance versions). They will be even more precise during product dosing and such operations as label positioning. The strict criteria already in use will be reinforced by additional, visual elements of quality control throughout the whole process (assurance of the highest product repeatability).

“Our investments go step by step with current trends on the market and expectations of customers and retail networks. They need an uninterrupted supply chain and reduced environmental impact while maintaining the assortment suitable to different needs of end users. We want to be a reliable and long-term business partner. Some factors are out of our control, like rocketing raw material prices. Nevertheless, we keep listening to these needs and purchasing new items for our machine park to give a concrete, tangible evidence of our continuous improvement implemented for maintaining and development of contracts”, says Magdalena Mielimonka, Vice President of the Management Board of Global Cosmed S.A.

Since the beginning of the year, Global Cosmed has been introducing elements of growth strategy by developing own brands. Improvements in product composition and marketing re-launch of such brands as Sofin, Apart, Bobini or the leading brand in the drainage category – Kret – visibly translated into higher efficiency and productivity.

Production launch will be supervised by German experts. They will also be responsible for training of employees, who already call the new machines “champions league” for their speed, precision and effectiveness.

Environmental impact will be reduced as well thanks to less production waste and expected improvement of electrical energy usage parameters for each production unit.

The whole purchase was covered by the company.