Global Cosmed S.A. changes into Dr. Miele Cosmed Group S.A.

On March 1, 2024 the registry court entered into the register the merger of two companies belonging to the Capital Group of one of the largest cosmetics’ and household chemicals’ manufacturers in the market. The merging process, which has been ongoing since November,...

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Cosmetics will leave the Global Cosmed factory in Germany!

In line with its business strategy, Global Cosmed Group aims to establish a strong position of its cleansing cosmetic products – Apart and Bobini – on the German market. Hence, the company's management decided to expand the production portfolio at the Stadtilm plant...

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Global Cosmed improves in sustainability ranking

The Srebrny Listek Polityki award and the advancement by 4 positions in the Ranking of Responsible Companies are an excellent summary of a year’s work to implement sustainability principles at Global Cosmed. Srebrny Listek CSR POLITYKI (CSR Silver Leaf of Polityka) is...

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