Global Cosmed becomes a new SEG member


On 15 November, Global Cosmed S.A. became a member of The Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG). Now we can develop the competency related to performing our duties as a listed company and work even better for our shareholders.

The Polish Association of Listed Companies is an organisation which cares for the growth of the Polish capital market and represents the interest of the companies listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Currently, SEG gathers around 250 companies listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and an alternative NewConnect market, representing above 90% of domestic listed companies’ capitalisation. SEG acts as a source of knowledge and advice for the listed companies in the area of exchange market as well as rights and responsibilities of its members. As an expert organisation, it aims at promoting and exchanging knowledge that allows for the development of capital market and modern market economy in Poland. As part of its activity, it prepares specialist publications and video materials, organises conferences and training sessions, and provides direct consulting services to the management boards of member companies.

In the case of Global Cosmed, entering the organisation’s structures leads to multi-level benefits for its employees, for the company and its branches and for its shareholders and stakeholders: all thanks to the improvement of quality and communication standards based on the best practices promoted by the SEG.

The association has been operating since 1993 as a self-governed entity formed by listed companies, with voluntary membership. Company presidents and board members are Ordinary Members of the Association, and the companies themselves, as legal persons, have a status of Supporting Members. The statutory activity is financed from the membership fees.

We want to thank the Association for its trust, and we hope for a successful cooperation.