Environmental protection and product quality – a powerful message from Global Cosmed in the Sustainable Development Report


Detailed analysis and transparency are the most important guideposts for the well-known manufacturer of cosmetics and household detergents according to the recently published non-financial report for 2021. The document describes step by step how, as part of restructuring done in recent years, the company developed a multi-stage model of production and product quality management and how it prepared for the challenges related to circular economy. This is one of the more detailed reports that reveals not only successes, but also challenges.

100% of Global Cosmed cosmetics undergo dermatological tests. 100% paper that the company purchases is FSC-certified. 89% of palm oil in the products has an RSPO MB certificate or a Book&Claim certificate. As much as 87% of individual packaging of cosmetics and household detergents is made of materials that are preferred in terms of recycling. Furthermore, the manufacturer can boast 41 favorable audits conducted by external institutions in 2021, the first household eco-detergents (in the Harmony line by the Biophen brand), equal opportunities for men and women aspiring to top positions and over one third of employees working in the company for over 10 years! Global Cosmed Capital Group, producer of such brands as Kret, Bobini and Apart, proves with facts and figures that it is well-prepared to meet ESG criteria (environmental, social and corporate governance).

The published sustainable development report has been drawn up in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative standard, the guidelines of the Stock Exchange and the European Union Taxonomy. The report is a guide on how to build strong and long-lasting pillars of responsibility step by step.

“We want our current and potential partners to know that we consciously and prudently take responsibility for what we produce and how we produce it. We have been preparing for months for the challenges of the EU Taxonomy or the upcoming CSRD Directive. We have taken a number of important decisions and activities in every aspect of management. We know our strengths and have clear strategies for further development. It is worth checking us out to see that our eco-declarations and quality statements are supported by reliable data and, last but not least, by a strong sense of mission: to provide the highest quality products, made by the best team for all customers, using the best technology and in the spirit of responsibility,” said Magdalena Mielimonka, Vice President of Global Cosmed S.A.

The document not only clearly indicates the successes in each of the pillars of the Global Cosmed ESG strategy, but also shows both the goals for 2022 and openly comments on the difficulties that the company may encounter when pursuing sustainable development in the long term. Hence the great emphasis on risk analysis that is being developed in the company.

“In accordance with the standards, the report was prepared in collaboration with all departments within the company. However, there has been something unique about this process. For us, writing the report was not only a process of collecting quantitative and qualitative data, but also an opportunity to educate the entire GC Team about the challenges that both legislation and consumers expects us to meet. The process coincided with the first meetings of the ESG Council, with the launch of products created in an integrated product development process, in accordance with the eco-design principles promoted in the company and the analysis of processes in terms of closed-loop economy. Global Cosmed has always banked on a strong, stable team. Now, we are doing our best to ensure that our team sees ESG challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth,” said Magdalena Sułek-Domańska, who is responsible for the reporting process and ESG development in the company.

The report is available on the website in the Sustainable Development section.

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