Global Cosmed S.A. has strengthened its position on the stock exchange


Global Cosmed S.A. has achieved a Comply ratio of 89% in the Scanner of Practices of WSE-listed Companies. The position in the ranking is thanks to the implementation of a number of strategic decisions in the field of sustainability management.

For listed companies, responsible management entails a number of requirements, including the Best Practices for WSE-listed Companies (DPSN 2021) as well as strict and detailed guidelines on corporate governance. Investors track the implementation of the requirements using, among others, the so-called Scanner of Practices of WSE-Listed Companies 2021 (DPSN Scanner), a tool prepared by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The scanner enables objective, fast, and transparent monitoring and comparison of companies.

Thanks to the ESG measures implemented in 2021/2022, Global Cosmed S.A. increased its competitiveness and improved its score, achieving a Comply ratio of 89% (previously 85%). The average Comply ratio is 77% for listed companies and 81% for the “Clothing and cosmetics” industry.

According to the Company’s report, the application of principles 1.4. and 1.4.1 is reflected in the development of a modern sustainability management system. The Company’s approach to implementing the sustainability principles into its business strategy has been described in the ESG Strategy and the 2021 Sustainability Report. Additionally, key pillars, targets and indicators have been published. The information has been posted in a separate section on the Company’s website.

The Company has built management structures responsible for implementing the ESG strategy. Under the sustainability strategy, the roles and responsibilities of various bodies have been described in detail in the 2021 Non-Financial Report (pages 34-36) and on the Company’s website.