Global Cosmed: we focus on a rapid increase in sales of our own brands


2023 is to bring financial results calculated for long-term growth of investments: in the portfolio, production efficiency, customer relations and a strong sustainable development strategy. Since the beginning of the year, the company has been successfully implementing its growth strategy through the full introduction of a new product portfolio and the development of exports.

The Global Cosmed Capital Group, one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics and household chemicals in Poland, emerged from the pandemic unscathed, using the time to invest in cost-effectiveness of production and automation of its machine park. At the same time, work continued on an even better adaptation of products to the consumers’ and customers’ requirements. The rebranding included not only work on product formulas, but also on the image and their formats. The company also decided to enter the most valuable categories of the market, as exemplified by the Sofin brand of washing and rinsing liquids.

Strong launch in the laundry and fabric softener market

Last year, the laundry detergents market recorded a value increase of over 7% – the category is worth PLN 1.97 billion, and the market itself stabilized after a large increase of over 40% in 2021 in relation to 2020 (NielsenIQ data for Classic washing powders are being replaced by capsules (37% of the market), liquids (25% of the market) and washing gels (12% of the market)*. By introducing its well-received Sofin capsules (and washing and softening liquids a moment earlier), Global Cosmed S.A. is fighting for its share in a market dominated by global corporations. The advantage of GC products is their effective formula, attractive fragrances and effectiveness of use – values emphasized by users in the studies. The capsules are vegan and dermatologically tested.

A similar strategy of entering new categories can be seen in the Kret brand. A leader in unclogging, it has expanded its strength and effectiveness of action with products such as sprays for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, which have already been distributed in large chains.

Digitization of sales

Global Cosmed S.A. also focuses on using the market potential in the most dynamically developing distribution channels: discount stores and e-commerce. The effectiveness of strong sales support in the company’s online store can be seen in the results – turnover tripled in the first months of this year. It is expected that high sales dynamics will be maintained due to numerous promotions, expansion of the assortment and participation in actions organized by platforms, e.g.: Allegro days or Smart deals. Similar activities are carried out in discount chains, where more and more products gain new listings.

New export markets

An increase in sales is also expected due to growth in exports. Right now, Global Cosmed sends its products to dozens of countries around the world. In the last month, this list was extended to Georgia. One of the largest drugstore chains has become the company’s client, with Bobini cosmetics and laundry detergents for children hitting the shelves. The first sales reports are very promising. Within the next 2-3 months, Global Cosmed sees the possibility of opening sales on another Asian market.

*RETAIL & WHOLESALE No. 05/195, May 2022