Global Cosmed: our record financial performance is the result of consistency and perseverance


The sixfold year-on-year increase in net profit and the best EBITDA result in history for the first 9 months of the year send a clear message to investors interested in the company’s situation. The Polish manufacturer of household chemicals and cosmetics with brands such as Kret (market leader in the drain cleaners category), Bobini or Sofin has not yet said its last word.

The anticipated recent increases in financial performance are reflected in another consecutive stock market report. According to the company’s CEO, Magdalena Miele, the several-fold year-on-year increase in net profit is due to the consistently implemented business strategy and integrated product development processes. A close-knit, high-quality team of employees builds the portfolio from design through production and marketing to sales, maintaining full control over safety and the quality of production and product. The increase in volumes and sales and consequently the current financial results would not have been possible if it were not for the improvements implemented in the last three years:

  • nearly completed production asset reallocation processes;
  • positive effects of contract restructuring;
  • growing production efficiency.

The success of the ended quarter is also a result of the company’s organic growth and the stabilisation of the production components market since the beginning of the year, which has resulted in increased revenues from the sale of Global Cosmed brands and private labels.

The scale of operations and the organisational structure of the Global Cosmed Group allow us to meet the expectations of all customers. We provide good quality products at a reasonable price, which leads to growing consumer confidence and a corresponding increase in sales of Global Cosmed brands: Kret, Sofin, Bobini and Apart. The financial results are beginning to be reflected in the stock market valuation (more than 50% increase in share prices at the beginning of November compared to the beginning of January), and the interest of investors in our company’s shares is increasing. This is gratifying, and we look forward to more good news, commented Magdalena Miele, CEO of Global Cosmed S.A.