Global Cosmed S.A. changes into Dr. Miele Cosmed Group S.A.


On March 1, 2024 the registry court entered into the register the merger of two companies belonging to the Capital Group of one of the largest cosmetics? and household chemicals? manufacturers in the market. The merging process, which has been ongoing since November, has been accompanied by changes in the Management Board, the implementation of a new name and a range of organisational optimisations.

Global Cosmed S.A., and starting from March 1, 2024, Dr. Miele Cosmed Group S.A., is a company founded by Dr Andreas Miele, the current president of the Supervisory Board. Planned and executed by the Management Board, the merger of Global Cosmed S.A. and Global Cosmed Group S.A. is a part of company’s growth plan. It is headed by Magdalena Miele, President of the Management Board. Arthur Mielimonka, the son of the company?s founder, is responsible for the B2B contract area and cooperation within the scope of private label with Europe?s largest retail chains. The Management Board also includes Kamil Szlaga, who is responsible for finances and investor relations, and Michał Czajka, a new member of the Management Board, who?s been a part of the governing bodies of Global Cosmed Group S.A. Mr Czajka is responsible for the global growth of brands belonging to the Capital Group. The management of Dr. Miele Cosmed Group S.A. will present the Capital Group?s growth strategy along with the publication of financial performance for 2023, which is planned for April 24, 2024.

?In line with our priorities over the last few years, the machinery park was expanded and modernised. Brands that are the hallmark of the company (Bobini, Kret, Apart, Sofin) were relaunched and manufacturing plants were assigned specialised tasks (the Radom plant – cosmetics, the plants in Jawor and Stadtilm, Germany – household chemicals). The next step is to optimise organisational structures. The merger of the companies will reduce the efforts and costs at the level of intra-group service, in particular: accounting, warehouse administration, legal service, controlling and IT system maintenance. We will save time and energy spent on internal efforts and direct it to boost our position on the market?, said Magdalena Miele, President of Dr. Miele Cosmed Group S.A. headquartered in Radom.